New Mexico Tour

Las Cruces

Experience the friendly city of Las Cruces. Take a hike up A-Mountain and see the city below. Explore old Mesilla to learn about the rich history. Las Cruces is home to New Mexico State University. Go Aggies!

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Go on an adventure and find some aliens that landed in Roswell. Be sure not the park in the wrong lot! Roswell is home to the New Mexico Military Institute, Go Broncos!

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Santa FE

The capital of New Mexico has deep history. The Saint Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe's square was opened in 1886. Santé Fe is also home to Meow Wolf, a hands on, interactive, art experience. Santa Fe is also the United States' first capital city!

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Albuquerque is one of the largest cities in New Mexico. You can take a ride up the Sandia Mountains on the world's longest tram, ride a rollercoaster at Cliffs amusement park, and watch the mountains turn pink at sunset! Albuquerque is also home to the Lobos at University of New Mexico!

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New Mexico has some delicious food to experience. The big question is: Red or Green? This refers to the Chile that is on many popular foods. Take a look at some restaurants and recipes that are popular in New Mexico

Green Chile CheeseBurger

One of the most popular foods in New Mexico is the Green Chile Cheeseburger. Authentic Green Chile is grown in Hatch, New Mexico. There are many places that claim to have the best burger but I think Blakes has my vote. (Ashton)


Posole is a spicy Red Chile and hominy corn soup. It is also common to enjoy the soup with pork and topped of with fresh lime and sour cream. Posole is made in so many different ways but here is a recipe if you'd like to give it a try.


The New Mexico State Cookie! Its flavors include cinnamon and anise. You will often find these cookie being made around the holidays. Here is a recipe to these cookies. If you make any of these foods, be sure to send them to our social media!

Andeles-Las Cruces

You can't visit Las Cruces without getting Andele's. This Mexican restaurant is a hit among all students that attend NMSU!

Frontier- Albuquerque

If you ever get the chance to visit Albuquerque, Frontier is a must! Located across the street from the University of New Mexico!

Cowboy Cafe-Roswell

When you get hungry after searching for the aliens in Roswell, stop by the Cowboy Café for great food and a great atmosphere.

NMSU Campus Tour

Pan American Center

Aggie Memorial Stadium

Corbett Center Student Union

Zuhl Library

NMSU Center for the Arts

Engineering Complex

Juniper Hall

Rhodes-Garrett-Hamiel Hall

Pinon Hall

Garcia Hall

Chamisa Village

Vista Del Monte Apartments

Cervantes Apartments